AVIT has formed a new Health & Public Service operating group to focus on and expand services to health care, government and public service clients.

As one of the world’s largest systems integration and managed services providers, we use evidence-based insights to dramatically improve our clients’ performance and health outcomes for citizens around the world. We leverage and apply our thought leadership, proven assets, talent and corporate citizenship agenda to identify and impact health care’s most pressing social issues. 


AVIT Health consultants work with health providers to put patients at the heart of their operations. That means creating a higher standard of care, with better access. We help providers meet patient expectations and improve their health care experience—and quality of life.


While near-term health plan survival depends on driving material cost improvement and aggressive pricing, long-term success depends on the ability to thrive in an increasingly consumer-centric environment. Our clients benefit from our core capabilities and our proven track record in integration, which is the most pressing issue in leveraging technology to provide better health care. AVIT delivers a powerful combination of business transformation and outsourcing capabilities and assets to create value for our clients and for patients. 

Public Health

AVIT has helped health and public service organizations around the globe optimize resources and streamline health care delivery processes. From Singapore to the United Kingdom to the United States, our work has helped improve the quality, access and affordability of public health care.