For Clients


AVIT Utility Solutions allow organizations to access and pay for computing resources when they are needed, where they are needed. 

Seasonal spikes, unexpected growth and new business initiatives can have IT organizations scrambling to deploy and manage the IT resources needed to support these new business requirements.

AVIT Utility Solutions help organizations build a more adaptive enterprise, manage costs and improve service levels by enabling them to adjust their capacity instantly to meet increased business demands, and pay based on usage.

These solutions help organizations

  • Align IT cost with actual usage
  • Reduce costs through shared resources
  • Enhance service levels to the business
  • Improve utilization of computing resources
  • Simplify IT procurement 

Why AVIT for this solution 

  • Strategy of providing a single point of contact for consistent, professional support at every step
  • Ability to deliver flexible solutions that enable organizations to choose how they want to engage with AVIT